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WreckingGoomba : probably because this place died
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Agent L : was made
Agent L : the last post ever
WreckingGoomba : hey Wiiboy
Wiiboy4ever : also, at RRM19500: "sweet"
Wiiboy4ever : sup peeps
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Admin Power AbuserSaw this topic somewhere and I felt like it SOOOOOOOOOO
Post here if you dare
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LF64100 Game ShowSo hey everybody, and I made some videos about fangames! (And Minecraft.)
These are the high quality videos! SMB: Odyssey goes up to HD!
Anyways, here.

(I can't put it in spoilers because it's basically like a ispoiler)

So request em' and I'll make 'em.
Youtube Nomination Thing LiveApril Fools and junk! Google's being super overkill with this.
The've been doing this livestream for 10 hours straight. Lookie here.
Also Google Nose, Gmail Blue and Treasure Map Google Maps.
Minecraft!Me and my buddy (in real life) are going to make a server in Minecraft! Cracked users can join if they want, it's only fair. Stay tuned for more info.
Are you still workin' on this?Sorry if you don't want me to post topics in this forum, but is this cancled?
Hong Kong DS LiteSo I was searching for DSi I could "buy", and I stumbled upon this Hong Kong DS Lite from eBay.
Visit at your own risk

Anyways, as you can see, it looks extremely unofficial, secondly, there isn't even a color called Ice Blue, and badly spelled english.
The box looks NOTHING like the real box, and there isn't a manual that is that thin that comes with the DS Lite.
So anyways, there's that. Stay away from any DS or any video game console that says that it comes from China.