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WreckingGoomba : probably because this place died
Agent L : on 6/28/13
Agent L : was made
Agent L : the last post ever
WreckingGoomba : hey Wiiboy
Wiiboy4ever : also, at RRM19500: "sweet"
Wiiboy4ever : sup peeps
WreckingGoomba : gaming
WreckingGoomba : visiting?
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ban the user above you (Post)Banned for being new.
ban the user above you (Post)Banned for being a new member.
LF64100 Game Show (Post)You forgot the SMEO one.
EDIT: Nevermind, didn't read those are HD videos only.
Sprite Competition #1 (Post)
Double Agent Luigifan
SMBFan actually came here on there one,
Actually, it was me who invited him to chat easier than PM.
Are you still workin' on this? (Post)No it isn't, but it has a new name. Check this out if you want to see the whole first world of it. I'm too lazy to put it here too.