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NewsHere comes the news I have to say about this game, mostly what I'm currently working on.
Sprite Competition #1Hello everyone and welcome to the first Drawing Competition of SG! I didn't ask permission to DALF tough, so it can be he says I need to cancel this, but I don't hope so.
Well, I saw we had a new member called FireX who likes drawing too, so I thought it would be the perfect moment to start a new comp. And the theme will be...

The Koopalings!

Let's sprite one of those little kids, who always are up to something bad... You're allowed to create your own Koopaling, if you wanna be a little creative.

This comp will end at 10/25/2012. Ready, set, go!
Bug/glitch reportIf you spot any bugs or glitches in the game, why don't you post it here and help me improve the game? If you report something, please be as specific as possible: saying where it happened, saying what you did and other details.
IdeasGot any good ideas for this game? Well, it's appreciated posting it here, so I can realize it. Every idea is welcome, from an enemy to a type level!
Level designAny critique on the level design, or wanna be a level designer? This is the right place! There are currently 2 levels out, see the engine test in the topic 'Gameplay'. Also, suggestions about type levels (like Grass, Underground etc., but then original) are also welcome here.
Music and soundIf you see any sound problems, or if you think the music doesn't fit with the level, why don't you post it here? Also, some music or sounds designed by yourself (or by others, as long as you don't claim it as your own) which I can use, are welcome here too.
GraphicsPost here to talk about the graphics: do you think they don't fit, or would you like to design something? Just post, we won't bite. Also, I think this is the right place to post some screenies, isn't it?

GameplayWell, let's discuss the gameplay here. But, we can't do that without an engine test, right? Well, here it is.

So, if you find the movement's too slow, you want Mario to jump higher or anything else, post it here!