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Shoutbox - History
WreckingGoomba : probably because this place died
Agent L : on 6/28/13
Agent L : was made
Agent L : the last post ever
WreckingGoomba : hey Wiiboy
Wiiboy4ever : also, at RRM19500: "sweet"
Wiiboy4ever : sup peeps
WreckingGoomba : gaming
WreckingGoomba : visiting?
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Agent L : Oh, you want a new name
WreckingGoomba : Why not?
Agent L : If they are a Admin
Agent L : No, the color of the person's name should be green
WreckingGoomba : New name?
Agent L : Oops, meant Just Green
WreckingGoomba : Green and...
Agent L : Admins should be green
WreckingGoomba : Say a color ;)
WreckingGoomba : Gonna change admin to red and founder to....
WreckingGoomba : Lemme try on Asteroids
WreckingGoomba : That's true
Agent L : Wait, I think the colors matter on the skin you're using
Agent L : Oops, I meant you should make it Asteroids
WreckingGoomba : Could you make a post with the ranks and their colors please?
WreckingGoomba : Erm... what?
Agent L : You should make it all spacey
WreckingGoomba : Asteroids and Original SG?
WreckingGoomba : Let's see
WreckingGoomba : Which 2 are the most common?
Agent L : oops, i meant whatever you want
Agent L : Whatever you wanr
WreckingGoomba : Which skin do you want me to edit the member colors?
WreckingGoomba : I can finally speak you again :)
WreckingGoomba : Heya DALF
Agent L : Hi Guys!
RRM19500 : woops! i ment, NOW, not, KNOW.
RRM19500 : You know... the end of the world shoud happen soon, but if it was going to happen, then should have somewone have noticed somthing by know...
WreckingGoomba : Well, I guess so, it's not official, but DALF doesn't come online anymore
RRM19500 : if this place died... never mind.
WreckingGoomba : Whoa, this place died. I think DALF doesn't update this anymore, right?
WreckingGoomba : It's my birthday today! Yeah!
WreckingGoomba : Hey everyone, got a new username! Formerly I was Djemiegoomba
WreckingGoomba : Hello
Agent L : Hello?
WreckingGoomba : Hey, there are you! Welcome back, I guess
Agent L : Hello!
WreckingGoomba : And supermariobrosfan, where are you?
WreckingGoomba : It seems to be inactive again... even DALF isn't online anymore.
WreckingGoomba : Which bg?
Supernova : Btw, the background is broken. Try TinyPic.
Supernova : I just joined!
WreckingGoomba : So... anyone still active here?
WreckingGoomba : I'm here... but a little bit late :P
RRM19500 : Sorry for the bad grammer.
RRM19500 : im back. i probloby not come to this site for a LONG time because of Minecraft Xbox 1.8.2 update.
supermariobrosfan : anyone here?
supermariobrosfan : yeah...
WreckingGoomba : Need to go, bye!
WreckingGoomba : But unfortunately we can't chat that much then :(
supermariobrosfan : oh cool
WreckingGoomba : I do, one week from now'
WreckingGoomba : Do you have vacation right now?
WreckingGoomba : Pretty stupid
WreckingGoomba : It's almost 11:00 PM here
WreckingGoomba : I need to quit in a few minutes... :(
WreckingGoomba : Oops...
WreckingGoomba : It sounded pretty strange you wanted a bad name :P
supermariobrosfan : i meant to type "Not"
WreckingGoomba : never mind
WreckingGoomba : ah I see
WreckingGoomba : You wanted to let it sound bad?
supermariobrosfan : just did want it to sound bad or anything...
WreckingGoomba : But why is talking in a shoutbox weird?
WreckingGoomba : Or good, whatever you want
WreckingGoomba : No, I said it sounds fine :)
supermariobrosfan : does it sound bad? should i change it?
WreckingGoomba : Nah, it sounds fine
supermariobrosfan : Super mario bros: princess peril. i don't know just feels a bit awkward :P.
WreckingGoomba : Why is it weird
WreckingGoomba : Weird?
WreckingGoomba : On a more serious note, what's the name of your upcoming game?
supermariobrosfan : so weird.
supermariobrosfan : talking with you on here is way different then using pm's :0
supermariobrosfan : Slowbasaur, Slowbasaur , LOL
WreckingGoomba : Try Bulbasaur with Slowpoke
supermariobrosfan : wow...golduck thats awesome. i have already seen like all the pokemon mixed with psyduck though :P
WreckingGoomba : I see :P
supermariobrosfan : its maduck.
supermariobrosfan : now click the swap button
WreckingGoomba : Mix Psyduck with Golem
WreckingGoomba : Cute :)