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WreckingGoomba : probably because this place died
Agent L : on 6/28/13
Agent L : was made
Agent L : the last post ever
WreckingGoomba : hey Wiiboy
Wiiboy4ever : also, at RRM19500: "sweet"
Wiiboy4ever : sup peeps
WreckingGoomba : gaming
WreckingGoomba : visiting?
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supermariobrosfan : hey mix psyduck with machop
WreckingGoomba : One eyed Psyduck
supermariobrosfan : i love that one
WreckingGoomba : Lol Psyduck with Magnemite
supermariobrosfan : Lol! Kadasprout
WreckingGoomba : Mix Kadabra with Bellsprout and look :)
supermariobrosfan : Anything mixed with psyduck is so pro
supermariobrosfan : the pokemon mixer?
WreckingGoomba : I like it
WreckingGoomba : They spent a lot of time in that:)
supermariobrosfan : who lies about theyer country XD...
WreckingGoomba : I don't lie about my country, why should I :P
supermariobrosfan : at least that's what it said on your profile on the MFGG Fourms.
WreckingGoomba : Not always useful though
supermariobrosfan : yeah i know.
WreckingGoomba : I think...
WreckingGoomba : kinda
WreckingGoomba : (I'm from the Netherlands)
WreckingGoomba : Dutch
supermariobrosfan : whats your first language?
WreckingGoomba : You know, english isn't my first language
WreckingGoomba : And when you finally understand, the joke's away already
WreckingGoomba : But it's hard to understand quickly for me
supermariobrosfan : you will get tons and tons of laughs out of that one episode of it.
WreckingGoomba : But anyway, it won't let me laugh that much, I need some time to translate english in my head
WreckingGoomba : I see... I didn't even know it existed XD
supermariobrosfan : made me and my sister laugh alot
supermariobrosfan : heres a link to one of there videos:
WreckingGoomba : what's that?
supermariobrosfan : yeah smosh!
WreckingGoomba : smosh?
WreckingGoomba : But I'm sure our moms won't let us sleeping in a basement, without a bed or anything :P
supermariobrosfan : yeah. do you like smosh?
WreckingGoomba : I don't hope so
supermariobrosfan : uhh yeah. hopefully im not living in my moms basement XD
WreckingGoomba : That too, and he's making games which will cost time
WreckingGoomba : Of course we do, but when you're older like he is, you're more likely to be busy
supermariobrosfan : the founder has the most work to do.
supermariobrosfan : don't we all :P
WreckingGoomba : But he has real life too.
WreckingGoomba : Even if he's the founder :P
supermariobrosfan : yeah :\
WreckingGoomba : He's not very active, unfortunately
WreckingGoomba : I know
supermariobrosfan : like i said i messaged TD
WreckingGoomba : So where are we going to talk about
WreckingGoomba : I see...
WreckingGoomba : Hey there
supermariobrosfan : i was taking care of some garbage...
supermariobrosfan : im here
WreckingGoomba : ??? I miss you already :(
WreckingGoomba : Where are u?
WreckingGoomba : so, where shall we talk about?
WreckingGoomba : Made a topic too
WreckingGoomba : I'm back!
WreckingGoomba : me too :)
WreckingGoomba : Wait a minute, I'm going to change validation right now before I forget
supermariobrosfan : good. you? :P
WreckingGoomba : how are you doing?
supermariobrosfan : oh, ok. its letting me chat now.
supermariobrosfan : come on
WreckingGoomba : Where's FireX? He didn't come online the past days.
Agent L : hey
WreckingGoomba : I see we have a new member, Cam! Welcome to SG!
WreckingGoomba : *Actually 5.
WreckingGoomba : Nobody knows what Patapon is lol
WreckingGoomba : Hey Wiiboy, glad you came. Now we have 4 members :)
Wiiboy4ever : nope
Agent L : You know what Patapon is, right?
Agent L : called Patapon4
Agent L : So, my bro FireX wants me to make a game
Agent L : im good
Wiiboy4ever : hi! ^^
Agent L : hey wiiboy
Wiiboy4ever : so....ummm... how's every1?
Wiiboy4ever : hey
Agent L : hey there
FireX : noo
Agent L : .....
Agent L : Do you want to talk FireX
Agent L : he actually made a beta sprite
WreckingGoomba : K, going to post it here? And btw, did you do the programming yourself?
FireX : i made a beta of patapon4