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Super Mario Bros: The Old Days
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lets see where this goes

I'm developing a game with GM called SMB: The Old Days.

It's kinda like a revamp.

specs so far
- No Hello Engine! Being completely made from the ground up. (not really, i'm reusing codes from KW'sEngine2.0 by Djemiegoomba (thanks for that by the way)
- There's climbing, but EXTREMELY BUGGY.
-Code is more organized! Instead of pieces of code lying around, I'm going to use scripts so I don't have to keep writing the same code over and over again into all the objects! Just add the script, and kaboom, it works!
-Buggy koopas.
-? Blocks, but still working on mushrooms.

Flagpoles (Gosh, the thing that has a lot of code)
Powerups (Gaa! The thing that I have to introduce variables, add new sprites, all that stuff!)
I can't show you any screenies because there's nothing to show you! Just some messy old engine.
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Okay, can you please give some more information (or even a story) what's the game about? I just don't understand yet...
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